• Build Your Profits & Your Future

    Why settle for anything short of the best quality product?
    It's simple – don't. The Private Label Dynamics quality methodology is that if our products and accessories don't represent our need for a better result of hair care, why would you accept similar mediocrity? For this reason, PLD enforce a guarantee of quality on our full product range. If you don't see value, we agree and will refund your purchases. For more information on the Private Label Dynamics Product Guarantee, review our Refund Policy.

    Why offer a premium product into an already over capitalised price market?
    Once again – don't. Independent studies suggest as much as 80% of hair care product purchasing customers will not purchase from salons based purely on an unjustified $RRP. Change this with a mid range price point of preference. We pass the distributor savings on to you. PLD suggest your self branded hair care product markup of between 101% ($15.95) and 140% ($18.95) to fit the targeted mass market.

    Build your brand, build your profits, build your future.