About Us


"To develop a product range and service standard that is as equally diverse and regarded as that of leading international brands; to ultimately provide our clients (hair and beauty salons) with the tools to strengthen profits and grow their business foundations."
Private Label Dynamics (PLD) produce high quality, salon grade hair care products  that are uniquely customized for wholesale distribution around the world. Founded in late 2012, PLD are constantly in the development of offering reputable hair salons, beauty spas and other related industry organizations with a multi-pronged approach in building their most valuable asset; their brand. Offering only the highest-grade ingredients that are equal to, or superior to existing, developed brands currently on sale in the hair and beauty industry, our customers can then sell their own branded products and accessories at a market dictated by themselves. Isn't it time that you focused on developing your brand?
Private Label Dynamics will ALWAYS only supply products to industry professionals and never to the final consumer. Please note, to protect the hair and beauty industry and our customers, you may be asked to show proof of business.
Private Label Dynamics. It's Your Turn.