Can anyone order from Private Label Dynamics?

To ensure the industry remains strong and salon owners can continue to offer great hair care services to you and I, Private Label Dynamics (PLD) offer wholesale solutions exclusively to hair salons, beauty spas and other related industry organisations that are registered with their national authority as an operating business.

How long will my order take to be delivered?

Once your order is paid in full and you have approved your artwork (for samples no approval is required, we just require your logo file and design preference) it is a 5-8 business day turn around for the printing, laminating, cutting and application of the label on all products. Once your products are shipped from our location, please allow 3-7 working days within Australia, 5-9 working days to the US and Europe and 9-20 working days to the middle East and Africa.

Why are Private Label Dynamics products so affordable?

PLD is a manufacturer and sells directly to you our customer/retailer. Most worldwide suppliers and manufacturers offer products exclusively for distribution networks (wholesalers) on global, national and local levels. This results in inflated retail prices for the end consumer as the role of sales is passed from network to network. PLD act as the manufacturer, wholesaler and sales network leaving you with an equally high quality product at an undiluted price that can then be passed on to your customers at a much higher margin.

Can I sample products before I buy them?

Because of our no MOQ we do not have a free sample policy. Customers can buy one of every product they wish to sample. Please note all samples are shipped in full retail sizes with your logo designed into the label. You can then use and critique the product range for yourself in order to ensure that its high quality, represents your brand in the best image. Please note, only one sample range or each range per customer. To receive your test products, please place an order through our website or contact our friendly sales team on (+61) 1300 791 455 or  enquiry@privatelabeldynamics.com.

What is the safe lifespan of Private Label Dynamics hair care products?

We use either no preservatives or natural preservatives in most products. We recommend using within 12 months of opening. Unopened shelf life in a normal cool environment is 3 years from the date of invoice.

Is it safe to use my company credit card?

Absolutely! PLD uses top internet security to ensure that credit card details remain safe and secure.

Is my label and design free?

Using our templates all labels and designs are offered FREE. All purchases above $200.00 and below $500.00 qualify for very basic customisation**. Full custom designs are also offers as part of our service, this is calculated as a percentage of order value (1 hour free design time per $1,000.00 order value).

For a full custom label design on orders under $1,000.00 please allow our in-house creative design team for a quote, calculated at $85.00 an hour. Let us do the hard work for you so that you can get on with what you do best; building your business. If you would like your own custom label designed by your own designer, we are more than happy to provide you with all the templates files on your products ordered. Please note we do not offer full colour background, we only offer clear or white.

** No colour change, no font change and no more than 5% change to original template design/layout.

Will any of my information be disclosed to other parties?

As per our Privacy Policy, PLD do not offer your details, salon details, order information or payment terms to any third party organisations outside of our obligations by law. All such information is retained by industry regulated and standardised security protection and enforced by law on a regular occasion.

How do Private Label Dynamics products ensure sustainability to the environment? 

PLD are a modern and evolving organisation that are aware of our obligations to the environment not only as a business operation but as a human. For this reason, we have tirelessly ensured that all steps have been made to create the most sustainable products that we can offer. Our bottles and disc caps are 100% recyclable and our labels are produced with chemically safe inks and adhesives. Our formulas for all products adhere to strict Australian regulations, set by the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) governing body of which we are a registered member. To find out more about NICNAS, visit www.nicnas.gov.au.

Where are Private Label Dynamics shampoos and conditioners made?

PLD products are formulated, bottled and produced on the beautiful iconic Queensland Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Are Private Label Dynamics products Vegan?

95% of all our products are 100% Vegan. Matte hair Paste use Bees Wax. Bees Wax is a contentious issue, we choose to erred on the side of caution. Sorry folks.

Are Private Label Dynamics products paraben and sulphate free?

PLD have been tirelessly formulated and developed to ensure that both of these nasty additives are no longer used in any of our product rages. Better for the environment, better for your hair.

How do I make future orders?

For future orders, you can place an order through our website, call us on (+61) 1300 791 455 or email sales@privatelabeldynamics.com.

What payment options do you provide?

PLD offer all standard payment options for Australian and international online orders. This includes PayPal (accounts@privatelabeldynamics.com), Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit and debit cards, Direct Debiting facilities, BPAY and Direct Bank Transfer methods. For your unique solution, please contact our friendly accounts team on (+61) 1300 791 455 or email accounts@privatelabeldynamics.com.

Do you accept American Express and Diners Club cards?

PLD can accept American Express (AMEX) payments but unfortunately, we do not offer Diners Club facilities through our organisation.

What is the minimum order I can purchase?

PLD package and process all of your orders in our 400m2 state-of-the-art facility in Queensland, Australia. Because of this, we offer all salons no minimum order all of purchases. However, due to the added costs of shipping, we suggest orders exceed $195.00 to take full advantage of our FREE delivery offer.

What is the maximum order I can purchase?

There is no maximum order that salon owners can purchase from PLD. We have a price-list available that offer pricing up to 10,000 units (please ask). On quotes over 10,000 units please email sales@privatelabeldynamics.com. For orders over 1,000 units lead times will vary from our usual turnaround time. Orders up to and below 10,000 will takes 2-3 weeks. Orders over 10,000 will take 3 weeks and over.

Are Private Label Dynamics products tested on animals?

Absolutely not! It may only be the view of the PLD Directors, but we feel that in this modern era, those still responsible for testing products on animals should be deprived of their freedom.

Are Private Label Dynamics products recyclable?

PLD offer a wide range of products to hair salons and we always attempt to offer a recyclable solution. At present, the bottles, disc caps, carry bags, product cartons and plastic wrapping are all recyclable.

Do all PLD products meet Australian and International standards of sale?

Yes. PLD currently spend tens of thousands of dollars each and every year to comprehensively adhere to all regulatory governing bodies. This includes registration with the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) of Australia, International Health Permit Sanitary Licenses, Cosmetic Goods Manufacturing Practice America Guideline Certificates and Cosmetic Product Manufacturing Europe Guideline Certificates. Combine this with our stringent collection of in-house quality control procedures and you have a guaranteed product of the highest of international standards.

Can I get express shipping for urgent orders?

Yes, but this is not included as part of our free shipping, you will need to pay upfront.

Do your products have barcodes?

Yes. All PLD products that are purchased for worldwide retail sale in your salon come with certified, unique barcodes that can be programmed into your sales systems.

What happens if a product is out of stock?

PLD stock management enlists the best systems to ensure you can receive your products exactly when you want. On the odd occasion that an item is out of stock, it will be shown online as “Out Of Stock”. Orders can still be placed for back order delivery as soon as possible.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. PLD currently ship to 18 international countries including NZ, US and Europe. With future plans for several international shipping and manufacturing sites, we are currently pleased to ship directly from our Private Label Dynamics Head Quarters in Queensland, Australia.

Can I return my product if I am unhappy?

If the world were a fair and decent place, all hair care products that did not perform as described, would be promptly refunded along with an apology. At Private Label Dynamics, we agree. PLD offer a 100% money back guarantee on all product purchases. This means that on the very rare chance that your order does not meet your expectations of quality, we demand that you return the products for a full and prompt refund of your purchase price (less shipping and handling charges if applicable).

Is there an email or number I can contact if I have any other questions?

Absolutely! email enquiries@privatelabeldynamics.com or call us on (+61) 1300 791 455 from 9am-5pm Australia Eastern Standard Time (AEST) Monday through Friday to speak to our friendly customer service team.