It's Your Turn


1. Brand Loyalty
Your salon has its own unique identity. That identity has its own relationship with your clients and remains your most valuable asset. Your clients respect your brand as an influence on their buying decisions because they trust your expertise. Focus that influence into further building your brand equity. Why promote products that your clients can purchase elsewhere when an exclusive offering ensures your clients are returning again and again?

2. Image Representation
Whether your brand is established through reputation or if you are in the process of building your salon legacy, promoting your own range of private label hair care products is perfect for creating market presence. For salons with multiple locations, including your own branded range adds a valuable, tangible asset and speaks of your companies professionalism when you physically can not.

3. Price Point and Profit Margins
Every time you recommend your current salon products to your clients, you actively market a brand with no exclusivity to your brand. A brand that returns limited profits to you as the driving sales team. Instead of funding the multi-billion dollar global entities with each sale, you could be putting the equivalent profits back into your own pocket. Private Label Dynamics offer suggestive RRP's but as you are buying from the manufacturer (PLD), the limitations of profit margins are up to you. Private Label Dynamics recommend 101-138% mark up to best capture your target market.

4. Independence
When you produce your own Private Label Dynamics hair care range, your constraints on selling targets, RRP, design, marketing and market position are independently controlled by the brand owner…you.

5. Control Formulations
Current manufacturers extend, reformulate, manipulate and discontinue products in order to refresh brand presence and imitate newer and better but was an old line really inferior to this seasons products? Essentially, revised marketing allows for growth to the mass population but where does that leave you as the salon owner? You may be restricted with old season stock that no longer has market presence. You most certainly have been promoting products to your clients that hey have come to love; no longer are they readily available. Bring the control back in-house with your own Private Label Dynamics range.

6. Control Packaging
Select and create private label packaging to suit the image and theme of your salon. Effective branding creates emotion amongst the customer when elements are replicated across different mediums. You may have an design that positions your stationary, website and signage towards the high end. Incorporate that theme into your product range. Every time your customer reaches for shampoo or conditioner whilst in their shower, they see YOUR salon name.

7. Control Marketing
Promote the image you desire for your products not what the manufacturing companies want you to have. You have the industry knowledge and know the customer better than anyone; position your sale in this manor. Remember, every recommendation you deliver for a product with your brand on it, is a recommendation for your business and scope of services.

8. Market Position
Most global suppliers offer products exclusively for distribution networks (wholesalers) on global, national and local levels. This means inflated retail prices sometimes upwards of $65. In todays economic climate, you are often missing out on up to 80% of your potential market. Positioning your RRP at the salon low-end price point can reclaim this target market and boost profits substantially.