Production Terms

Private Label Dynamics (PLD) reserve the right to refuse to fill any order which we or our affiliates deem in our sole discretion to contain a word, term, symbol, or combination thereof which is pornographic, obscene, immoral, depraved, potentially illegal, or that potentially exposes us or our affiliates to liability or prejudice of any type. By using this site you warrant that you will not reproduce any such material via the service offered through this website and that you will indemnify us from any claims made by third parties regarding the material that you provide. All prices stated on this web-site are in Australian Dollars unless otherwise stated.

Please note that designing and submitting your artwork for printing can sometimes produce unplanned results if you do not have proper specifications, experience and training. Designing artwork for digital label printing can be technical with a range of different variables that affect printing, often not noticeable on the computer screen. PLD fully recommends getting a professional designer to design your printing artwork. Customers submitting their own DIY artwork are fully responsible for the end result of printing. Customers are reminded to submit print-ready artwork with the correct specifications as instructed directly by PLD. It is your responsibility to ensure that any artwork you submit is not in violation of any copyright laws. PLD assumes that your artwork is legally yours or you have the correct permission to produce it. PLD reserves the right to make changes to your artwork without your consent to avoid printing problems that can be foreseen to happen. This will rarely change the design, but if it does, this will be evident in all superseding proofs that you receive. Customers who prefer to keep their DIY Artwork untouched must receive express permission from the PLD Printing Manager.

Please note that any omission or errors are the proofing responsibility of the client approval to proceed notifications exempt the sender and related company from liability and penalty costs.
1. The approval (in digital or physical forms) of a proof indicates that the client has checked all contents of the proof and has confirmed accuracy allowing for production to begin.
2. Private Label Dynamics are not responsible for any typographical errors not marked prior to proof approval and is immediately superseded with the final approval notification.
3. Any changes requested by the client after the final approval of artwork will be charged at clients expense and may incur additional stop-press charges.

PLD take great pride in matching colours to our clients CMYK and Pantone (PMS) colour match selections. However, the following terms and conditions apply.
1. Print colour may vary from print run to print run and/or from job to job. Acceptable variations may be up to 10% of selected Pantone (PMS) or CMYK colour values.
2. Colour representation from digital files will be as closely followed as possible but it is important to note that there are technical limitations of digital proofing and printing processes.
3. Slight variations in colour between original materials, proofs and the completed order, will be considered as acceptable print quality.
4. Where CMYK colours are specified in your order, a greater degree of colour variation is normal.
5. Where Pantone (PMS) colour match selections are specified in your order, our production team will endeavour to accurately meet your request, provided you have referenced a non-faded Pantone Colour Book to select your colours.
6. While every effort is made to reproduce the colours accurately, Private Label Dynamics shall not be liable to reprint or otherwise compensate the client for a commercially acceptable variation in colour when comparing the proof to the final product.
7. Total, batched, printed products are deemed acceptable when a variance up to 5% exists within an order. All unacceptable quantities are immediately liable for complementary reprinting or refunding on behalf of Private Label Dynamics.

All printing products are trimmed with consistent accuracy via our leading, laser-guided finishing system, however 100% accuracy cannot always be guaranteed. For this, PLD notify that in rare cases, the trimming of printing products may shift up to 1mm in any direction.

PLD printing turnaround times may vary from job to job. Printing does not commence until the Proof is approved and the Order is paid for in full. Customisation of design templates will add extra time. PLD will not be held responsible for loss or damages due to products being delivered after a guaranteed time if the terms and conditions are not strictly adhered to. It is the customer's responsibility to allow plenty of time in preparing artwork, printing and delivery.